Here i am, watching Love Island, stuffing my face with peanut M&M’s and drinking wine. I’m making the most of a quiet house.

I haven’t actually done anything today, well I’ve hoovered, unloaded the dishwasher, made the bed, the usual stuff. I have done no washing though.. oops.

So as many of you know, Dan has gone on his stag weekend. He seems to be having a good time. Ive had some photos which will be shared with you later on in the blog. I’m lonely, I’m used to having Dan here. Never been in my house on my own, I’m a wimp.

My cousin tagged me in something on Facebook about that Chanelle Hayes (i think it is) – on this morning talking about being depressed while pregnant. Have any of you watched it? I don’t remember feeling depressed while i was pregnant with Grayson (my second) but i remember feeling guilty, guilty because i didn’t feel like i didn’t have enough time with Kellan. God i wouldn’t change it, i was so blessed to fall pregnant three times. Unfortunately our first pregnancy wasn’t meant to be, we had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. It broke us, but we would of never had our two beautiful baby boys if that never happened. Pregnancy is hard, don’t get me wrong, everything that comes with it but such a blessing, honestly people don’t realise how lucky they are to fall pregnant naturally. But depressed in pregnancy, no. I never felt depressed? Have a watch and let me know what you think?

So my day today, what have a i done.. bathed the kids, fed them, kept them alive.. ha. I haven’t done a lot, i saw my friend and her little boy this morning (on the way home Kellan decided to take his top off, well tried as he was “soaked” apparently), then dropped kids to nursery, met friends for lunch and then decided to go shopping. More toys for the boys, oops. They deserved a little treat.



They are unsettled with Daddy being away, they are so used to him being here so we are all up in the air. He will be home Sunday, and we can’t wait! I then decided to buy grayson some new bedding of Vertbaudet. I love their website, such quirky french bits.

So yea, again, bit of a boring post/day. Anyway, as promised, pictures of my handsome fiancé on his stag do..


Ciao X

3 thoughts on “Lonely..

  1. Love Island + Peanut M&Ms + wine = what a perfect night in! I know what you mean though. When someone is there all the time, it feels so strange when they’re not. My husband recently went away on a lads holiday for a week. It was hard by the end! x


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