Gender Neutral: My Opinion

My fingers have been hovering over the keyboard for a week or so on this topic. I was unsure whether to blog about it, but thanks to Mom Of Two Little Girls ( I have decided to write about it. She posted on her Instagram that she had blogged about it, and I couldn’t agree more with her blog and her opinion.. so here we go.

I think it has gone mad. I don’t understand what is so wrong with boys wearing Blue/Green and girls wearing Pink/Purple.. why all of a sudden has this gender neutral issue come about? I went to Waitrose the other day as the boys needed some new pyjamas. We picked up a two pack, one was red with dinosaurs, one white with different colour dinosaurs.. when I looked at the tag it said “Boys & Girls” I had to look twice, why does it have to be labelled “Boys & Girls”? I don’t get why everything has to be stereotyped. After paying for their pyjamas and heading to the car I started thinking, if either of my two boys wanted a pair of pink pyjamas I wouldn’t say no. I remember last year Grayson was obsessed with Peppa Pig, I searched everywhere for “Boy” Peppa Pig pyjamas, I couldn’t find any, so I bought him Peppa Pig pyjamas from the girls section. He was so made up.

Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t say no but I wouldn’t force my child to wear “Gender Neutral”

I have boys. They were born boys and I dress them in typical boys clothes. If either of my boys decided they wanted to cross dress or decide that they were transgender, I would be the first to help them through their transition. But please, god, let them be children. I just think the “Gender Neutral” phase has gone overboard. It’s not the children, it’s the parents who decide they want their children to be gender neutral. I saw Paloma Faith is raising her child as gender neutral.. how do you raise your child as gender neutral? Maybe it’s me being naive? Last thing I would want to do is confuse my child, as I said above if my children wanted to dress in opposite sex clothes I wouldn’t say no, but I wouldn’t force it upon them.

They are your children, if you want to dress them gender neutral then that’s great, I would never judge, but then I ask not to be judged for dressing my children as boys. As that’s what they are.

We should all support each others parenting choices. I just don’t like how I am being made to feel as a parent about gender neutral. I just feel like so much is getting pushed onto parents to fit in with the “in thing”. This is just my opinion, that I am fully entitled to, same as you.

Feel free to comment on your views/opinions on this topic.. I would be interested in seeing what you all have to say.

Happy Friday X



3 thoughts on “Gender Neutral: My Opinion

  1. I have to say i totally agree i have one each not to neutrals! My daughter has boys spider man pjs and my son’s loves nothing more than pushing a pram. The boys and girls tag is contradicting itself it should read children’s as it’s gender neutral.
    I feel it’s all gone to far .. The next thing will be that you can identify as he or she ?? Kids will wear what they like weather it’s pink or blue … I wonder if Paloma faith has used a gender neutral fame aswell? X

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    • This is my problem, do gender neutral parents refer to their child as “it”?? It’s the parents choice not the children’s that’s why I don’t agree with it… if it’s your child’s choice when they are older then fine but not when they are newborn and you are deciding to do that to your child x

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      • I once again couldn’t agree more… could you imagine the our rage if someone decided the didn’t want (say for example) a boy and so dressed him in pink dresses ? That would be seen as child abuse! So surly raising a child so be gender neutral is walking very close to the same line ? Is your child an it? Do you use he she pronouns or is it just a matter of dressing them in cream? Lol x

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