Run down of our week..

I’m currently sitting writing this while my monkeys are in the bath – yes, I am in close proximity of them incase they slip or go under in the bath.. (just incase the parenting police are reading). They are going to have a nice early night tonight, ready to get back into the school routine on Monday. Luckily we have had two weeks off and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

To be honest, I thought I was going to be going insane having them home for two weeks, but I haven’t. These two weeks have made me realise how much I miss them when they are at school. We haven’t really done much since being off, I always said I wanted them to enjoy their time off and chill out as much as possible before getting back to rushing around because of the school run.

Grayson has had a bad belly today which hasn’t been fun for him, poor little mite. His still his happy, loud, boisterous self. His currently standing in the bath shouting some nonsense in his own language at the top of his lungs. My poor ears.

We are going swimming tomorrow, then a nice chilled weekend.

My mum and dad are currently living it up in Vegas with my brother and his might as well be wife for his 30th. We didn’t get an invite, which was charming.

It has been nice seeing all the pictures my mum sent, she said they are all knackered but it is amazing. They got out there 1pm Vegas time on Monday and will be leaving 1pm Vegas time today, it doesn’t feel like they have been out there that long. I said if we went I would probably make sure we booked a week (2 days travel) to make the most of it. Not that we will be going anytime soon, but you know.

We’ve had a bit of a stressful week, (me & Dan) but we are getting there. I went to the post box earlier to post our wedding invites and decided to walk to get some fresh air. I’ve had a fuzzy dizzy head for a few days so thought the fresh hair would help. As I was walking I realised how much Dan has done for us as a family. We have a lovely new build, a lovely car and our health. Yes, things could be better at the moment but what will be will be. Everything happens for a reason (this has always been my motto for everything)

Dan made the boys a airport play mat thing (it’s really good to be fair) so that should all be dry and ready for play time tomorrow. We’ve had easy 00’s playing all day, nice taking a little trip down memory lane, you don’t realise how quickly the years slip by. I found an old clubbing picture on Facebook from Halloween 2009.. It just doesn’t seem that long ago. It’s surreal.

Enough of my rambling on, putting the kids to bed for a nice early night while me and Dan chill.

A x

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