Well, this first week back at school has been eventful to say the least. I’m losing my shit, the kids are losing their shit. 

Kellan has turned into an emotional wreck and is crying over everything. Last night it was because I said he was having school dinners and not a packed lunch. I made him a packed lunch because I couldn’t cope with the whining. I gave in, all for an easy life. 

The last two mornings and evening have been the same, arguing with two, stubborn little men about putting their toys away before school and preschool. They only listen when I start screaming at them. Honestly, it is exhausting. 

Today we had Gs preschool photos. Kellan refused to have a sibling photo so I had to bribe him, obviously. Sibling photos done, I looked at the clock, Kellan was late. Shit. I ran him round after one of the nursery girls said I could leave G there to finish having he’s photos. Knocking on the door out of breath I threw him in and said bye. I ran back round to nursery, there G was waiting for me to collect him. As we both left my friend told me that the back gate was about to be locked. Now, I am so unfit. I was worn out from just running Kellan round. So off we went, grayson then refused to walk. I picked him up and ran down towards the gate. I was sweating, my trunchball bun was bouncing and falling out all over the place, but we made it. Made it before being locked in and having to walk round the front. My god I was so out of breath, it took me about 15 mins to catch my breath back.. so embarrassing. 

I have just bought G to soft play to meet one of my friends. Thought it would be nice to wear them out. While we were waiting G asked for some pennies, I didn’t have anything apart from a €1 coin. I gave it to him and watched him try and put it in the little sweet machines. After telling him time and time again that it wouldn’t work I decided to sit and write this… he then screamed over telling me that it had worked. My €1 coin had worked in a claw machine. Grayson cane over beaming, so happy that he had managed to get some sweets .. but tbh. He is quiet and I’m drinking a hot coffee. 

How have your kiddies settled back into school? We had two weeks off which was lovely but I think it’s just a bit too much for the kids trying to get back into the swing of it. 

On a side note I have made it into the second stages of the UK BLOG AWARDS, and I am so overwhelmed and excited. 
Hope you are all ok 😃

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