Hello.. it’s me


I am sorry I’ve been quiet and non existent. I’ve been on a sabbatical, focusing more on work, being a mum and following a dream of writing a book.

I am currently on my fourth book, hoping to have it finished before November if my brain lets me and my creative juices keep flowing! I wrote my first book and self published it last May which has been amazing, I then went on to finish the series with the third book being released earlier this year.

I’m not sure what type of genre the book falls under but it’s a rom/com with some angst, sex, quite a bit of sex tbh (sorry mum) and some drama as the series unfolds because, come on, who doesn’t love a bit of drama!? i wouldn’t say fifty shades level, but not this man level either. Somewhere slotted in-between.

I’m currently sitting round the pool in Spain at my mums. We’re having a nice chilled two week holiday, the last holiday of the year.

I was planning on being out here for most of the six weeks;

1. Because it’s easier here than at home

2. The kids are happier than when in England

3. It would be our first wedding anniversary 31st August and seeing as we got married here it just made sense to see our anniversary in here too.

4. Also, it’ll be my 30th out here the day before our anniversary. So why not go out and have a massive month long celebration!?

But, a little something came up that stopped them plans.

A little something called a baby.

We had been toying with a third for a while, but we just wasn’t sure. Grayson would be starting school this sept, Kellan is well into his school years and I could have gone back to work. (And tbh, the kids were so easy now. They slept through, they played independently, I could have a hangover and still parent as I felt they weren’t so dependant on me).

Me and Dan sat and had a chat one weekend in March after being on a weekend away with my friends. We said we would give it till my 30th and if I hadn’t fallen then we would leave it and just accept that two boys were more than enough and how blessed we were to have conceived and carried two babies. But, this little one had different plans. I found out the weekend after our chat that I was pregnant. It was a shock but not a surprise because deep down we both wanted it but didn’t want to commit to both agreeing to ‘try’.

We have 12 weeks left; 12 weeks till my planned section and it’s going way too fast for my liking. The first 15 weeks were hell, I was nauseous all the time, went off meat completely and trying to do the school run while thinking the whole time to myself ‘please don’t be sick please don’t be sick’. I was exhausted constantly, trying to keep two humans alive and grow a baby was hard work. My evenings were spent moaning to dan about how rough I felt or how tired I was. Luckily I wasn’t sick, not even once but my god I felt horrendous. I’m still not back on red meat, the thought makes my stomach turn. I’m hoping it comes back once little miss is here but I’m scared it won’t!

I’ve had odd cravings with this one, sniffing mustard (have refrained from this since Dan walked in and looked at me in full sniff, resulting in me burning both nostrils pretty bloody bad), strawberries, cheese, all the cheese, piccalilli and beer. What a combo for terrible heartburn.

I am sorry I have been so crap at blogging lately but I’ve been so busy with my writing and growing a human that blogging unfortunately has been in the bottom of my list.

I hope you have all been okay, I promise I’m back 🤪

If you want to take a look at my books they’re on amazon, or you can follow my FB / Instagram page;



Speak soon xx

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